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Energy Solutions

Short Payback Lighting Retrofit Solutions

With paybacks as short as 12 months, Malco Energy Solutions offers:

  • Turn-key lighting upgrades with short paybacks to achieve lasting energy and maintenance cost savings
  • 50% or more reduction in lighting energy costs
  • High-quality, name brand lighting products
  • Industry-leading warranties and technical support

Advanced Lighting Control Solutions

MES’s solutions offer you the opportunity to customize your system to achieve your organization’s goals for energy savings, control, comfort, and lighting performance.

Benefits of control solutions include:

  • Saving money while the lights are off
  • Achieving cost savings of 50% or more by reducing the operating hours of lights
  • Utilizing free, natural daylight to increase savings and comfort
  • Personalizing lighting controls increase occupant performance and satisfaction
  • Employing web-based energy usage tools to maximize savings opportunities
  • Participating in utility incentive programs by implementing demand reduction strategies
  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs
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