Reduce Energy Costs

Malco Energy Solutions provides turn-key lighting retrofit solutions that can save you over 50% on lighting costs.

Increase Efficiency

Malco Energy provides energy solutions for our clients that can increase your lighting efficiency by over 78%!.

Control Your Energy

Malco Energy Solutions allows our clients to take control of their lighting experience and utility savings!

Reliable Partnership

Malco Energy Solutions is a reliable partner positioned to assist our clients to achieve their lighting and energy goals.

Affordable Solutions

Malco Energy provides affordable solutions for our clients that deliver strong return on investment year over year.

50+ Years Experiance

Malco Energy Solutions have over 50 years experience delivering our clients hassle free installation and service.

Our Success Stories

Check out some of our client success stories of our services leading to maximum energy savings and lighting efficiency.

Schedule a Free Audit

Take the first step in reducing your lighting utility expenses by scheduling a free, no cost to you audit by one of our trained inspectors.


Malco Energy Solutions (MES) provides turn-key lighting retrofit solutions combining the best in energy retrofits and advanced lighting control technologies. Not only do we help reduce energy and maintenance costs, our innovative designs provide better general and task lighting, better occupant control, smarter demand reduction strategies, and maximize the value of energy retrofit investments.


Malco Energy Solutions provides our customers with turn-key lighting retrofit solutions that can save over 50% on lighting energy costs.


Efficiency is our core principle. The most long-term performance from the least input of time, money and resources that lead to a short payback and exceptional ROI.


Savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on energy and maintence costs have been seen by our satisfied customers. Check out what our clients have to say.

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